Dear people,                                                                  sat, July 5 2008



Sup people, I just wanted to apologies for not writing for along time so today I am going to write a lot.

Can you believe it its now 2008 well kind of 2 months ago but times just pass by like thunder, anyway are you having a good summer till now I bet kids do and parents have to go to work wile kids play anything thing the want also this last week on the 28th of June I went to tovermory and we rented a cottage and came back 1 July in the morning …….well on the 30th something very funny happened to me and its okay if you laugh so hard and tell every one, here goes over at the cottage there was a dock and I saw ducks with baby and oh boy there was a lot with baby and once at the beach there were geese with babies and anyone could get one so so easily same with the ducks anyway on the 30th I went down and I started to feeding them then something horrible happened I me fell in the water and I was happy for one reason and angry for one reason, the happy reason wats that nothing happened to my hearing aid, the angry reason …….

The mother duck thought I came to steal her baby so she managed to bite me twice wile the other dukes including the babies they started to quack quack and in my thought I was thinking :(L what the heck is this a football game that this guys were screaming for there team except I didn’t have anyone on my side because I came to feed them my self.)Anyway that was kind of funny.

Oh yeah I almost forgot how was Canada day for me it was very good and I don’t have time I will put my rest of my fireworks picture on my next weblog. 



                                             Bye family, friends and



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